I make films and photographs about the modern day American West because I grew up there. The Rocky Mountains and the Missouri River are like totems that gather in the wellspring of my heart and the Big Sky Country is not some picture postcard you buy for 50¢ at the Town Pump, but an ode to the past that lives inside us still and can be seen when barefoot children bring the milk cows in and the light shimmers at dusk. That's the Big Sky Country that was and still is.


-In Production on ASHLAND a 16mm feature length doc set in Montana

-Mentored by Terrence Malick


-THEY CAME AND STAYED a feature length script about a family building a house on sacred Cheyenne land


-Directing Fellow '14, American Film Institute Conservatory

-Short film RISE played in 30 festivals worldwide and was a semi-finalist for the Student Academy Awards

-National Old-Time Fiddling Champion


-Old Time Americana 

-Northern Cheyenne language, culture and spirituality 

-Dorothea Lange and the photograph of the man wiping his face with the back of his hand, and the story of his life in the palm of that hand

-Andrei Tarkovsky. His 7 films prophesies and temples to the human spirit

-Iranian New Wave and Abbas Kiarostami - the love he holds for the people in his films

-17th century Dutch Portraiture and Still Life's and the joy in the work of Frans Hals 

-Late Italian Neorealism and Ermanno Olmi 

-Stevens' "The Only Emperor is the Emperor of Ice Cream"

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