A man sacrifices himself for a woman wrongly tried for murder in Revolutionary Russia. 

"When Maw illuminates his leads with soft candlelight, it is as though their love and devotion will slowly burn away the malignancy around them. And when a white light is positioned directly over Ivan in the final scene, it almost gives the character a sense of resolute peace. These creative touches are a demonstration of Maw’s ability as a skilled director." - Splash Magazine

The Superman


In the dark backstreets of a post-modern Russia, a man is torn between his view of society and his feelings for a woman who lives next door. Loosely based on Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment.

Down By the Sea


A scout for the Union army transports a rebel officer through enemy territory.



In 1793, during the height of the French Revolution, young Charlotte Corday sets out to avenge her losses by confronting the man responsible for the terror, the radical journalist Jean-Paul Marat.


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